What Does Italian Catering Consist Of?

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What Does Italian Catering Consist Of?

Italian food is popular because, as simple as many of the delicious dishes, they are a crowd-pleaser with patrons coming back for more. The flexibility of Italian food makes it a catering favorite for various events, from meetings to parties. When it comes to Italian food, several different options can cater to your particular taste and occasion. Italian catering gives you options, making it fun to choose from great dishes while remaining true to Italian authenticity in each bite. What are some of the top foods that are offered in Italian catering? Here’s a look at some favorites. 

Caprese Salad

At the top of the list is the Caprese salad, a famous Italian dish that is not only loved by fitness fanatics but by gluten-free and vegan eaters. Some folks use it either as an entrée or as an appetizer to set the mood for the rest of the meal. The Caprese salad is a great dish for summer events being light and tasty, typically of soft homemade mozzarella, thick tomato slices, and torn basil, and finished off with a drizzle of olive oil that brings the whole meal together.

Stuffed Pasta Shells

Stuffed pasta shells are not simple mouthfuls, they are typically filled with milky, white ricotta cheese, spinach, Italian blended spices, and marinara sauce. This budget-friendly dish is an Italian classic and has significant holiday events. Think of a deep-dish pizza that’s rich and cheesy, that is how most stuffed pasta shells would be classified.


Ravioli is one of the best-known Italian foods out there and is also one that offers flexibility when it comes to ingredients. This Italian catering favorite can be encased with your choice of filling, whether it’s an order with one kind of filling, or you can choose to have a few different fillings in your order. The cheese filling is a popular choice, but there are several other fillings, including mushroom, spinach, asparagus, beef, etc. You could also have ravioli that’s filled with both meat and veggie. Whether you have met lovers or veggie-lovers at your event, or an eclectic bunch, there’s a ravioli dish that can satisfy them all. 

Antipasto Salad

The Antipasto Salad features fresh Italian veggies, commonly sundried tomatoes, roasted peppers, and marinated eggplants. Still, mushrooms, mixed olives, and antipasto miso artichokes have been in other versions of the salad for enhanced richness. An addition of sharp provolone cheese can kick the dish up a notch boosting the already rich flavors of the veggies.

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