What is catering?

Catering is the business of providing and distributing food to a remote site. Examples of sites that typically request catering services are hotels, pubs, or event venues such as weddings or graduation.

Who does catering serve?

Catering typically serves groups of people. Whether it be 20, 80, or hundreds, different catering styles appeal to varying amounts of people.

What does catering usually include?

Aside from the food, catering services usually provide the following:

  1. Dish rentals (including plates, silverware, and glassware)
  2. Serving ware (chaffing dishes, cake stands, serving spoons)
  3. Facilities, if the venue does not offer (oven, stove, warmers, fridge)

What is Italian catering?

Italian catering is a specified menu including popular cultural items, such as pasta, pizza, salads, and more. Italian catering can include larger portion sizes of the classic menu items like plates of ravioli or Caprese salad. 

What does a caterer do?

A caterer works alongside the clients to assist in the event’s design, preparation, and menus. A caterer may also work the event, including a wedding, charity event, holiday party, office lunches, or any other occasion that follows closely in relation.

How does catering work?

Catering services coordinate many factors, such as the preparation, creation, delivery, & presentation of food for clients. The client will let the caterer know what menu items they will want for their event, and the caterer will take care of the rest. From there, the caterer will provide the food for the event at the location disclosed by the client.