An Italian Thanksgiving

italian thanksgiving

An Italian Thanksgiving

Italians living in Italy do not celebrate Thanksgiving, as this is a holiday for the United States of America. But is there a similar holiday that Italians celebrate? La Festa del Ringraziamento, which means Festival of Thanks, is an Italian holiday celebrated by feasting with your loved ones. The menu items for this meal are different from the average turkey, stuffing, and cranberry sauce that we are familiar with in the USA. But if you’re looking to host an Italian Thanksgiving here in the states, the menu will often include antipasti, primi, contorni, secondi, and of course, dolci. Continue reading to discover how you can implement these dishes into your Italian Thanksgiving.

Antipasti & Contorni

Antipasti is the term for appetizers, as contorni refers to the side dishes. These two menu items can be similar, as they are served in small portions. If you’re looking to include an Italian appetizer or side dish for your Thanksgiving, consider the following:

  • Fried sage leaves
  • Ricotta stuffed mushrooms
  • Bruschetta with squash, cranberries, & goat cheese
  • Zucchini toss
  • Baked holiday squash
  • Or roasted rosemary potatoes

Primi & Secondi

Primi and secondi are similar because they are two types of main courses for your meal. Primi, or the first course, is typically on the lighter side. This may include foods like

  • Pumpkin spice soup
  • Risotto with chestnuts
  • And pasta with goat cheese & butternut squash

Secondi, or what is considered as the main course in Italy, indulges in the heavier meals. These menu items can be included for your Thanksgiving feast:

  • Spinach, feta, & prosciutto stuffed turkey
  • Roasted lame
  • Or a duck breast in a cherry wine sauce


This is where the fun begins, the dolci! This is the Italian word for dessert, which is the most delicious inclusion to any Italian Thanksgiving. Some options to include for your feast are:

  • Chocolate panna cotta with espresso cream
  • Crostata pie
  • Tiramisu
  • Or a delightful chocolate chestnut cake

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