Tips for Event Planning This Summer

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Tips for Event Planning This Summer

The summer is fast approaching, and you are confused about where and how to begin. You do not want to have regrets, make mistakes or forget anything important. This post will be sharing tips on how you can successfully plan your event this summer. 

The tips include:

Relax and Think:

Surprisingly, a lot of people miss this first step. Personal touches must be kept. You need to think of what kind of guests you are expecting. The formality or informality of the guest plays a crucial role in the order of programs. The guests’ interest would need to be factored into everything, including the kinds of songs played. For instance, where guests include kids, you may need to inscribe names on gifts such as bags to make them look more personal and memorable. 

Sending the Invitations:

You do not just want to send a generic invite to the entire public. This is because some guests are more valued. You may also need to include ‘BYOB’, i.e., Bring your own bottle where you are looking for different kinds of gifts. Your invitation may also contain a limit to the number of guests permitted through such an invitation letter. 

The Theme of the Event: 

So this is like everything. Why exactly are you organizing the event? The theme plays an essential role in deciding the color of the event, the songs, and the caliber of guests. For example, if you organize a child’s birthday this summer or a naming ceremony, you would have more children at your venue. Thus, the theme would need to complement something informal. 


Central to the theme of the event is the venue. Your event is certainly not holding on the air. First, you need to decide whether you would prefer an indoor or outdoor event. Summer events are usually outdoor. This allows people to be free, make merry, dance, scream without causing a nuisance to the peace of a building. It also prevents household stains and will enable people to cope with the changing weather condition. 

Weather Condition:

In several parts of the world, the weather condition during summer varies. It can be extremely rainy or sunny during this period. You may need to look into the weather forecast in deciding whether the event date you set is reasonably appropriate. Looking into projections also enables you to decide whether to use umbrellas, sunshades, and the kinds of body cream to wear. 

Entertainment, Food Menu, and Creating a Sensory Experience:

All these efforts would be perfect where you have an excellent camcorder or a professional photographer to capture the events. You can’t afford to enjoy yourself, pass through the summer, without having to constantly look back at it. The food menu and entertainment need to also be great. You may need to employ a chef and a DJ. Alternative to the DJ, you could take your time to create your playlists.

Plan Your Event With Viga!

You’ve worked so hard from the beginning of the year. You are even most probably on your work-leave or break. So give yourself the best summer ever – each year because you deserve it. Plan your next event with Viga Catering for delicious Italian food options! Give us a call at (617) 482-1112 to discuss your event.