The Importance of Quality Ingredients

Fresh vegetables

The Importance of Quality Ingredients

Quality ingredients are very important when it comes to food. Viga Catering knows this better than anyone, we constantly strive to use the best locally grown ingredients in all of our dishes and recipes. We regularly inspect our ingredients for freshness and flavor that will enhance our food for our customers.

Why is it so important to use quality ingredients?

    • Better flavor: Quality ingredients will always be more flavorful and delicious than frozen or not quality ingredients. Your food’s flavor profile will be much richer and more complex if you use fresh ingredients.
    • Healthier meals: Not only is the flavor of your food better when you’re using quality ingredients but it’s also healthier for you. Fresh quality ingredients have more vitamins minerals and nutrients for your body compared to less fresh ingredients.
    • More sustainable: By using locally grown quality ingredients you are creating a more sustainable food system, releasing fewer toxins into the environment and supporting local businesses.
    • Better hydration: Fresh fruits and vegetables actually have a higher water content than other frozen and not fresh ingredients, and because of this fresh ingredients offer more hydration.
    • Saving Money: Quality/ fresh ingredients aren’t always cheaper up front but in the long run they will be. Eating fresh and quality ingredients will be better for you and your health in the long run, you won’t end up having to pay for as much medical care and treatment.  Eating quality ingredients will make you healthier and makes sure your body is right. 

Our taste buds don’t lie. We can actually taste the difference when we eat foods that are fresh and of high quality. We all have consumed both meaty, genetically modified tomatoes and flavorful, fresh-off-the-vine tomatoes. It is simple to determine which choice is better. You should look for fresh, in-season foods to eat if you want to satisfy both your palate and your body. 

Visit Viga Catering for the freshest and highest quality ingredients. 

Viga Catering Offers a wide range of options for a wide range of customers. Not only do we offer catering services but we also offer dine-out meals for those not looking to cater. We prepare our foods with the freshest ingredients from our farm fresh eggs, freshly made pasta, delicious sandwiches, pizzas, and more.  If you’re interested in some of our delicious options both catering and regular take out please contact us at or 617-482-1112.