Is Fresh Pasta Worth It?

fresh pasta

Is Fresh Pasta Worth It?

Nothing screams Italian food like pasta and specifically fresh pasta. At Viga Catering we have our delicious freshly made pasta available on both our catering and take-out menus.  We not only use the freshest ingredients when possible but we also try to make all of our food fresh daily for our customers and our pasta is no different. Making fresh pasta is not always the easiest option but it by far exceeds the alternative of frozen pasta when it comes to taste.  

At first, making pasta from scratch can seem intimidating, but with some practice, you’ll see that it’s really not that hard. Making homemade pasta is effort-consuming, but it is totally worthwhile once you’re finished. The taste of fresh pasta cannot be compared to frozen or pre-made alternatives. 

Millions of people worldwide choose pasta as their go-to comfort food. One of the main reasons people enjoy making pasta so much is because of how simple it is to cook. Just bring a pot of water to a boil, add your pasta then your sauce and presto! 

It doesn’t take that much extra time create pasta from scratch. It will take a long time to knead and rest the dough if you want to make your pasta super fancy, but if you’re in a hurry, you can create homemade pasta in a few minutes, just combine the ingredients and use your hands to form any type of pasta shape of your choice. Even if you do decide to make a quick simple fresh pasta at home it will taste miles better then anything store bought.

One of the best things about fresh pasta is because its so fresh you won’t need to smother the it in sauce, you will enjoy the flavor of the pasta itself so much more. Handmade pasta is excellent with just a little olive oil, garlic, or butter making it very simple to prepare. Frozen store bought pastas have a ton of hidden ingredients like salt and sugar that mask the pastas taste and will require you to use more sauce.


Fresh Pasta at Viga Catering

At Viga Catering we pride ourselves on our fresh ingredients, and our pasta is no different. We make our pasta fresh in all of our dishes and have had many compliments about the taste of our pasta over the years. If you are interested in ordering some of our tasty Italian food please contact us at 617-482-1112 or