When choosing a venue, ask these catering questions


When choosing a venue, ask these catering questions

When choosing a venue, ask these catering questions

When choosing a venue for a function, it can be an overwhelming process, and important details can be inadvertently skipped. There is a lot of preparation involved in organizing an event of any size, and unless you have planning experience, it can be easy to forget something you needed to do. We’ve created a list of the best questions to ask your venue if you are outsourcing catering to a restaurant or catering company, like Viga. Read below to find out the can’t-miss questions you need to be asking your venue about food.

Does the venue have water that can be used for catering?

There is a big difference between a venue having water and having water that’s able to be used for catering services like food washing, prep, and hand washing. Having a garden hose is not a viable source of water for a catering company, and you will need to let them know what the water situation is before booking. 

Will my caterer have room to set up?

Another important question when it comes to preparation by your catering company is the amount of space they will be given to set up and stage the food. It’s not a must-have for most companies but will determine how they transport the food to your venue and how it might be served. If you order hot food that needs to be heated during service, your venue will have to accommodate that with adequate space. 

Is there on-site power available?

Similar to having water available, having power available is also an important factor that you need to make clear to your caterer before your event. Not having access to power will affect how the food is transported and contained before it is served. 

Can the caterer dispose of waste on-site?

Something most people wouldn’t think of is waste. Some venues do not allow access to their onsite dumpsters for throwing out catering and food waste after an event. In this case, the catering company will have to bring the waste back with them and dispose of it themselves, which will most likely be an extra charge. 

Will silverware and tables be available?

Every venue has silverware and tables for use for events, but if you are not using their in-house catering, they may not make those available to the outside catering company. In this case, the outside catering company would need to provide utensils and other table arrangements. 

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