Unraveling the History of Pasta

Unraveling the History of Pasta

Pasta is something that’s loved by everyone. Saying everyone isn’t an exaggeration either – every single country has their own version of pasta they enjoy! While pasta has become a staple food item in nearly every restaurant and pantry, the history of the tasty food seems to have been forgotten. Let’s dig a little deeper to discover the history of pasta!

What is Pasta?

The exact definition of pasta will change depending on who you ask. For many, pasta refers to the Italian noodles we eat here in America. However, other countries all have their own renditions of noodles that could also be considered pasta. A general definition is that pasta is a food made from some type of flour, water, and various other ingredients. The exact shape, texture, and makeup of pasta varies around the globe.

Pasta’s Origin

The origins of pasta aren’t known for sure. Many people believe that Marco Polo introduced pasta in the 13th century, but historians have been able to trace it back much further than that. In ancient Rome they used to enjoy a simple pasta made of just flour and water, cut into strips. Experts say that the first type of noodle actually comes from the central Asia area. People in this region were enjoying noodles for thousands of years before they were discovered and shared the cuisine with European travelers. The origins of pasta in the US can be largely traced back to Thomas Jefferson. Although pasta had already been brought here by Spanish travelers, it wasn’t made popular until Thomas Jefferson brought it back with him from Europe by the barrel.

Pasta in Today’s World

Today, pasta is enjoyed by anyone and everyone. Pasta is made now by boiling the dough that’s made using different types of flour mixed with other ingredients. There are so many shapes and types of pasta that it’s nearly impossible to name them all. Each different type of pasta is designed to be used in different dishes and hold certain types of sauces. From basic macaroni noodles to fettucine, penne, and so much more, it seems that the types of pasta to enjoy are never-ending!

Our love for pasta has existed for longer than you could possibly know, let us share that love with you! Now that you’ve unraveled the history of pasta, it’s time to go out and show your appreciation by enjoying some for yourself.

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