The Benefits of Catering

Whether you’re planning a housewarming party or putting on a lunch for new clients, ensuring guests are happy and fed is a top priority. With everything else you have to figure out, from the guest list to the décor, outsourcing the meal or snacks to a catering company is a great way to ease some of the stress of putting on a great event. Here are some of the top benefits of catering.

It Removes Pressure From the Host

Not everyone is a chef, so preparing all the food for a party or meeting is a lot of pressure! Most people don’t have a kitchen suitable for cooking for a large group, and allergies and food requirements can be hard to deal with properly. A catering company will have the equipment, transportation, and menu to prepare, deliver, and serve for the event. One less thing on the host’s plate will make for a more relaxed event.

It’s a Great “Thank You”

An employee potluck lunch is a great way to get to know each other, but adding another task to your employees’ day in the form of preparing a dish to bring can seem like more work. Instead, say thank you to your hard-working team by providing a catered lunch. Treating your employees will let them know you value their efforts and appreciate their role in the team.

You Have Options

You might be able to prepare one amazing dish yourself, but if you’d like to have more options for the type of event, catering is the way to go. After all, your famous chili might be perfect for a work picnic, but it’s not the most appropriate meal for a wedding. With a catering professional, you can choose from a variety of menu options, buffet-style or sit-down service, or a simple hors-d’oeuvre and cocktail hour. You aren’t limited to what you can prepare in your own kitchen.

Improve Meeting Morale

Morning time corporate breakfast meetings are often the victim of stale donuts and bad coffee. Loading up attendees with a sugar-laden meal won’t help with meeting productivity. Luckily, breakfast is one meal where catering unexpectedly shines. They’ll be able to bring “fancier” breakfast offerings, like fresh pastries, seasonal fruit salad, and even rich quiches. Fresh -pressed orange or grapefruit juice and high-quality coffee are popular catering beverage choices for meal-based meetings. With a more nutritious breakfast to start the meeting – and the day – attendees will be more attentive and willing to participate.

Boosts Productivity

The typical office employee gets thirty minutes to an hour for lunch, but it’s quite common for them to work through their break or eat a quick lunch at their desk.  63% say that they feel more productive when they take a lunch break but feel guilty for not working through lunch. Providing a catered lunch allows your employees to step away from their desks and take some time to eat and socialize – with the boss’s blessing. When they get back to work, they’ll be more refreshed and ready to finish out the second half of the day on a strong note.

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