Breakfast at Viga

The Benefits Of Breakfast

This September Viga Opens its doors early for extended breakfast hours to ensure that you are getting enough energy to last the day! With this new update, it only felt right to create an informative article on why breakfast is commonly skipped as well as the importance of breakfast and why it is necessary for a productive day! 

Common Reasons Breakfast is Skipped

Before we dive into why breakfast is so important, let’s highlight some common reasons why breakfast is skipped and how we to get around this! Common reasons breakfast is skipped are due to individuals not having enough time in the morning, which can be attributed to sleeping in, being too tired to bother, or not having the materials at hand. Most of these reasons revolve around not having enough time in the morning which can easily be remedied by setting an alarm 15 minutes earlier, or getting something that is convenient on the go! Any meal in the morning is better than nothing. However, if none of these options are viable,  utilizing a delivery or a catering service you can get your breakfast delivered right to your door! 

Increased Cognitive & Mental Performance

Breakfast has the added benefits of giving your body much-needed vitamins and nutrients that were lost during sleep. By replenishing your glucose levels and carbohydrates in the morning you are giving your body the energy it needs to increase focus and memory skills. This can help make a rough morning go smooth, paving the way toward lunch without an upset or hungry stomach!

An Added Boost Of Energy

With these added vitamins, nutrients, and sugars you are not only replenishing your body with the necessary materials to increase your cognitive and memory skills but also your energy level. While many individuals might opt for coffee in the morning, the best way to provide your body with the proper nutrients carbs, and energy is by fueling your body with food. This increased energy can lead to a more productive morning, giving you more time in the afternoon to focus on the task a hand.

Breakfast Catering & Delivery Services In The Greater Boston Area

If you love the idea of getting high-quality breakfast delivered to your door, whether it is for a meeting or the whole team, we can cater an order for any size, if you are interested in creating a corporate catering with us, click here, or call us at 617.482.1112 for more questions on how we can satisfy your breakfast needs!