Fall Favorite Italian Cuisine

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Fall Favorite Italian Cuisine

Fall brings out the many autumnal flavors of the season. Between pumpkin, chestnut, apple, maple, cinnamon, and more, incorporating these flavors into your meals can create a warm and cozy sensation. Whether you’re interested in creating your fall dish or want some Italian catering inspiration, below is a list of our favorite fall Italian cuisines. 


Chestnut Pasta with Pesto

For a warm, nutty dish, try making chestnut pasta with pesto. Between the combination of pine nuts in the pesto and the autumnal chestnut flavor, this pasta will fill your taste buds with fall flavors. This dish can be served warm, with chopped pine nuts on top for a finish.


Pumpkin Ravioli

Pumpkin ravioli is controversially one of the most popular fall dishes. You have the choice to purchase these pre-made or make them yourself! Depending on your route, these kinds of ravioli omit a sweet aroma, filled with nutmeg and pumpkin spice. Plates of ravioli are a popular Italian dish, so check out the other flavors we offer here at Viga!


White Truffle Pasta

This pasta dish can be crafted with butter and Parmigiano. It is worth trying for its burst of flavor from the white truffle shavings. The truffle taste can be described as intense, earthy, and musky. This can enhance your plain pasta dishes throughout the season!


Sage Pesto Chicken

For a lighter fall dish, try having a sage pesto chicken. Whether this is baked or pan-seared, the herbal, earthy, slightly peppery flavor of sage, with hints of mint, eucalyptus, and lemon, will fill your taste buds with joy! This is a popular fall dish with a nutty pesto sauce that will blow you away!


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