Catering Tips For 2023

catering tips for 2023

Catering Tips For 2023

Catering is undoubtedly one of the most challenging careers. From planning the menu to cooking and even dishing out, it takes time, effort, and, most importantly, money. Regardless, the catering business is still one of the most successful, and there are many opportunities to grab this 2023. As a professional caterer looking to maximize sales in 2023, here are 9 catering tips you can implement in your business in 2023.

9 Catering Tips For 2023

Here are 9 catering tips you can use in 2023;

Develop Food Catalogs

With millions of dishes worldwide, it can take time to grasp which kind of food you want to serve on an occasion. We advise you to make time and create several food catalogs of different types of dishes so that your guests can know ahead, clients can easily make up their minds, and you can quickly get to work.

Finalize Before Execution 

You may meet with a client who demands their event to be catered for. You talk along the line and are yet to conclude a price. However, they tell you to go ahead with the planning, and the prices will be sorted after. We advise you to decline vehemently and arrive at a conclusion before anything is done. If you agree in situations like this, the clients can easily switch up and refute your demands, putting you at a loss.

Use Social Media 

The internet is a lovely place to show your works that can convert to recurring customers. Ensure you showcase your works, menus, cooking, and overall catering events in social media playtime like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter for more exposure. It would be best if you always found out who might be interested.

Ensure Your Services Are In Uniform And Well-Dressed.

Aside from the delicious food you are about to serve, ensure the servers are well-dressed in matching uniforms. This adds to the aesthetic, allows guests to identify who to call, and makes your services look more professional to your client.

Blog, Blog, And Blog Away

Have you decided to blog but still need a website setup? In 2023, we suggest you own a blog offering candid advice on catering services. This shows you in a professional light as your clients are assured that you understand what you are doing well enough to teach others.

Always Ensure All Catering Equipment Is In Good Use

Check every catering equipment you would use that day before arriving at the Venue. From the number of plates to the wine glasses and the cooking gas, ensure they are all to avoid mistakes during the event. For gas cookers and cylinders, do a detailed check to prevent gas leakages that can cause accidents on the wedding day.

Offer A Tasting Session

A tasting session lets your clients go through the food and drinks served on their big day. Ensure you offer tasting sessions so the clients can feel assured that they are getting quality catering services from a professional.

Prioritize Food Hygiene

Ensure every meal meets the standard hygiene level set by the government. In addition, ensure you make available a waste disposal system nearby to keep the environment clean while you cook and serve on the big day.

Attend Professional Catering Events

Depending on your location, monthly or yearly catering events allow caterers from far and wide to get more knowledge and network. Ensure you attend these events and showcase your business as well.

How Can Viga Catering Assist?

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