Catered Event Dos and Don’ts

catering dos and donts

Catered Event Dos and Don’ts

Whether this is your first time hosting a catered event, or your tenth, it is always important to refresh yourself with the dos and don’ts of catering. We have curated a list below that highlights the most important dos and the greatest don’ts to stay away from. Continue reading to discover more about each of these.


The Dos


Supply Enough Food for Your Attendees

When ordering food for a large gathering, a headcount of the number of people attending your event is always needed. There will never be a complaint about too much food, but attendees will be upset if there is too little food.


Tailor the Menu to the Theme 

You should ensure that the majority of your food options match the theme of your event. You may want to consider lighter food options if your event is scheduled in the early morning, such as salads, sandwiches, and soups.


Begin Planning ASAP 

You should begin the planning process for your event as soon as possible to avoid last-minute decisions. Even if you aren’t sure how your event will turn out, create tasks that will help you prepare for it. Keeping organized will ensure everything is in place for your big day. You can also create a list of questions to ask your caterer; therefore, any confusion still in question will dissipate before the event.


The Don’ts


Don’t Add Guests After Finalizing Your List 

Although catering companies are often willing to make accommodations that will benefit you, adding more guests to the final guest list is never a bright idea. You will make your local caterers work harder if you add guests at the last minute.


Don’t Reject Caterers’ Suggestions 

Catering companies suggest menu edits when they believe it will enhance your event. You should at least consider the idea, even if it’s out of your budget. Considering your caterer’s advice does not always mean you have to agree, but you should at least consider it!


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