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What Are Our Top 3 Menu Items?

If you’re in or around the Boston area, and you’re looking for some authentic Italian food, Viga is the place for you. From pizza to pasta, and everything in between, our menu provides you with a plethora of options. When it comes to our top selling menu items, it’s hard to narrow down the most popular. Continue reading to hear our three menu items that we think you will enjoy the most.

1. Daily Specials

Each weekday, Viga Catering offers pizza, pasta, and calzone specials. Pizza is $3.39 per slice, for a size small, pasta is $4.89 or $7.19, and for a large it’s $7.29 or $8.99. Lastly, our calzones are $5.29, and if you’d like to add sauce it is $5.79. To learn more specifically about what each daily special entails, you can visit our website at

2. Viga Omelettes

Our omelettes are delectable. All omelettes are made with 3 eggs and cheese, and served with home fries and white or wheat toast. Some of our omelette options include but are not limited to, Greek, Western, Mediterranean, and Meat Lover. You can also build your own omelette with a list of ingredients provided. Regardless of the option you choose, you will be satisfied with your decision.

3. Sweets

The real Italian way is to include a variety of dessert options at the end of every meal. Whether you’re looking for catering or takeout, be sure to include a sweet with your meal. Even if you’d like to purchase the desserts alone, you absolutely do not want to pass up on this option. Incorporating some of the best Italian ingredients in the Boston area, these sweets will knock your socks off.

Contact Us Today

If you are interested in trying some of our delicious flavors, be sure to contact us at Viga today. You can call us at (617) 482-1112 or email us at We look forward to pleasing your palate today!