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Different Types of Pasta & Uses

Throughout the world, there are a variety of ways to cook and enjoy pasta. Whether it is trying out a new cultural style or adding some flair to a family recipe, this blog can help you determine which type of pasta, noodle, or bow-tie might be best for your meal, with the desired outcome! Aside from the various health benefits, let’s look into each unique type of pasta and how it can help create the perfect meal!

Types of Pasta

Pasta comes in a variety of shapes, and styles, which can be condensed into a group of categories, such as Short & long pasta, Sheet, stuffed, and more! To get a better idea of which types of pasta belong in each category we will break this list down by type, style & uses!

Short Pasta

Short pasta is generally classified as any type of noodles that require an extruder to give the noodles a unique shape, some popular examples of short pasta are Fusilli, Rotini & Farfalle. Short Pasta is ideal for chunky sauces such as pesto or a hearty red sauce. Learn more about some common and not so common types of short pasta!

Campanelle: Campenelle pasta is not as common pasta style, it is a cone-shaped pasta with a hollow center

Cavatappi: Cavatappi is a hollow, spiral-shaped noodle that is also commonly referred to as elbow pasta

Fusilli: Fusilli is a spiral-shaped noodle with grooves. It is a great addition if your recipe calls for a thick sauce

Long Pasta

Long pasta is classified as long, thin strands of noodles. Long pasta is ideal for any recipe that calls for a creamy sauce, or a sauce that does not contain large chunks. Some common long pasta types are Angel Hair, Fettuccine & Spaghetti.

Fettuccine: Fettuccine is similar to spaghetti however it is flat with a bit more density, it is perfect for thicker sauces

Angel Hair: Angel Hair is a long & thin type of pasta that is significantly thinner than spaghetti, angel hair is ideal for marinara or used in a scampi

Bucatini: Bucatini is very similar to spaghetti, however it is more rounded, and hollow in the middle, this allows the pasta to absorb more sauce

Sheet & Filled Pasta

Sheet pasta is thin and flat, it can be used in a variety of applications but the most common use for sheet pasta is for lasagna. Some of the most popular filled pasta styles are Manicotti, Tortellini & Ravioli!

Lasagna: Lasagna is a flat pasta with decorative/ruffled edges that is primarily used for any recipe that requires layers

Tortellini: Tortellini is a versatile type of pasta that can add additional flavor and taste to your meal, depending on the ingredients of the tortellini, oil, broths, or a hearty sauce can compliment tortellini perfectly

Ravioli: Ravioli is often squared but can differ in design, which can contain everything from cheese, vegetables, to meats

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